Montana Hardcore 2 Spray Paint

Introduced in 1994 by Montana Colors Spain, the MTN Hardcore was the first spray paint in the world to be designed specifically for Graffiti Art. In 18 years it has become the essential classic thanks to its high pressure, good coverage and its pallet of brilliant colors!
The new Hardcore 2.0 version has been introduced but keeps the ingredients of success: high pressure valve, synthetic paint formula but it also incorporates the latest technology from Montana Colors.
The paint dries instantly and without sagging, strong coverage and performance is unaffected even in very cold weather.
The color palette has been completely revised, maintaining 47 shades of the old range plus 45 new colors.
The new VTouch system has been designed to increase the performances of the Hardcore2, eliminating the loss of paint around the bottom of caps of faster and thicker nature. The new valve provides an increased velocity and better cleanup due to its high pressure, providing the Hardcore2 with a smoother touch and more precise control over the pulverizing paint while making lines. Painting fast and painting in more extreme climate will no longer be a problem. The Hardcore Cap is the brand new standard cap for the VTouch valve, supplying the same technical characteristics of the beloved Universal cap.

montana hardcore spray paint