PACK OF 2 Clamshell Box Faux Leather Red 9X12X1.75

PACK OF 2 Clamshell Box Faux Leather Red 9X12X1.75


Acid, airborne pollutants, light and dirt can attack your treasured possessions causing them to deteriorate, fade and discolor. Lineco Archival storage boxes defend against these contaminants to protect for generations to come An archival standard for flat filing, the drop front storage box is ideal for storage of such items as maps, prints, photographs and newspapers. The drop front feature provides easier access and retrieval of stored objects. Our black boxes are made from a sturdy 60 pt. acid-free scuff resistant board and buffered with a 3% calcium carbonate, suppressing the migrant acidity that comes through handling and environmental sources. The interior is lined with white paper and measures a pH of approximately 8.5. All our drop-front boxes feature an adhesive-free, metal edge construction for protection and stacking strength. Drop front is on the long dimension.
Lineco Folio Storage Boxes combine color, texture, and design into archival quality boxes with avant-garde appeal. Our faux leather covering feels like real leather – soft yet supple, and has a very classic look. The metallic covering looks like Bird’s Eye Cloth and has a very modern look. Both styles are constructed with a clamshell design and feature a “thumb-cut” for ease of access. Metal-edge construction adds strength and longevity. Boxes also come in traditional Black archival boxboard to provide economical archival storage.


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