Penstix Marker 0.7mm

Penstix Marker 0.7mm


Perfected to meet the need for a black fiber tip pen with permanent, waterproof, fast-drying, and fadeproof ink. Alcohol based, contains soluble dye stuffs but no solid pigments. Produce clean, sharp lines with no clogging or paper penetration and will not smear when dry. Plastic fiber nibs are encased in metal sleeves for durability and ease of use with straightedge drawing. Excellent for drawing, sketching, illustration, fine art, lettering, technical drawing, scrapbooks, cartooning, or any form of graphics. Features pocket clip and ribbed cap which fits snuggly on barrel. Available in three line widths. Exceptionally long write out of over 3,000 ft. with consistent density and without fading. Individual markers are packaged one gross per box. Also available as a three pack, one of each size. Individually barcoded.

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