Prismacolor Marker Set 72

Prismacolor Marker Set 72


Assorted colors of 24, 48,72,120, 144 and 156.

The 156 set includes all grays, metallics, colorless blender and 12 additional, new colors.

The 72 and 120 sets include many colors and an assortment of grays and metallics. Also available with in a Hard Shell Cary Case in 24 or 48 piece sets .

The 156 BEROL Prismacolor Art markers are certified as non-toxic by the “Arts & Crafts materials Institute and carry the AP NON-TOXIC seal.

Primary and Secondary Colors 12/set - PM4, PM6, PM8, PM15, PM19, PM31, PM32, PM44, PM50, PM53, PM61, PM98

Cool Gray Colors 12/set - PM98 (3), PM108, PM109, PM110, PM111, PM112, PM113, PM114, PM115, PM116

Warm Gray Colors 12/set - PM98 (3), PM99, PM100, PM101, PM102, PM103, PM104, PM105, PM106, PM107

French Gray Colors 12/set - PM98 (3), PM155, PM156, PM157, PM158, PM159, PM160, PM161, PM162, PM163

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