Speedball Brush Tools- Detail Set
Speedball Brush Tools, Detail Set for ceramics and sculpture

Speedball Brush Tools- Detail Set


Speedball Brush tools- Detail Set,  for ceremics and applying glazes.
Speedball® Brush-Tool™ have been carefully designed and engineered for versatility and ease of use. Use the brush end for applying glaze and underglaze to achieve a successful and flawless finish to all your clay projects. Use the tool end for shaping, carving and sculpting wet and leather-hard clay. The high quality brush bristles and finely crafted hardwood handles shaped as trim tools perform optimally for any pottery, fine art, sculpture or craft application. Use the tool end to shape or trim a clay pot, switch to the brush end to apply underglaze, and switch back to a pointed tool end to scratch through the underglaze to achieve a sgraffito effect. Use the Brush-Tool™ to sculpt, apply modeling paste, texture surfaces, trim clay pots and create surface decoration. Each Brush-Tool™ is contoured and perfectly balanced for easy handling. An assortment of brush and tool shapes is offered for different artistic needs and projects.


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