Winsor Newton Artisan Burnt Umber

Winsor Newton Artisan Burnt Umber


ARTISAN WATER MIXABLE OIL COLOURS Artisan Oil Colours is a genuine oil colour, made from linseed and safflower oils that have been modified to create a stable, workable emulsion when water isadded. With Artisans, the artist can thin the colour and clean up with waterrather than solvents such as turpentine or white spirit (mineral spirits). The colour has been formulated to appear and work just like conventional oil colour. The depth of colour, buttery consistency, lightfastness,opacity/transparency, performance and drying times are all comparable toconventional oils, allowing the artist to cultivate all of the fundamentalqualities that come with working with conventional an oil colour, and should not be thought of otherwise. Themodified linseed and safflower oils accept water as a solvent. With thatexception, the modified oil vehicles function like a conventional oil,accepting water as a diluent in much the same way as linseed oil acceptswhite (mineral) spirit, and then forming a stable film through oxidation.

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