24 x 36 Grafix Twin Tack Archival Adhesive Sheets

24 x 36 Grafix Twin Tack Archival Adhesive Sheets


25 sheet packGrafix Double Tack Archival Sheets. 24 x 36 inches sheet.

Double Tack 2 sided adhesive film is great for mounting photos, artwork and more! Acid free and archival, safe for your most precious photos and memorabilia. This is a particularly useful and unique product. Archival adhesives are rare to come by and this is an adhesive solution that eliminates problems with spraying or using wet glues so that even thin paper does not buckle when adhesive is applied. The sheets can be cut to custom shapes and sizes.

FAQ For Graphix Twin Tack sheets

What surfaces work best with Double Tack Film?

Double-Tack adheres to most smooth, flat, clean surfaces such as paper, wood, metal, plastic and glass. Double-Tack is made to be a general purpose, in-door adhesive system. The smoother the surface, the better it’s going to work.

Is 2 side Double Tack® adhesive film suitable for outdoor use?

No, Grafix Double Tack is not made to be used outside because if exposed to UV light and moisture over time, the film’s adhesive layer will lose its adhesive strength. If you need to use this material outside, it must be contained in something else that will keep it from being exposed to UV and moisture.

Can you use Double Tack with fabric and is it washable?

You can use Double Tack with fabric but it will not be permanent and will not be washable. You may be able to hand wash a couple of times.

Is Double Tack Archival?

Double Tack mounting film is archival and acid free.

Is Double Tack repositionable?

No, Double Tack is not repositionable. It has a permanent adhesive.


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