32oz. Createx Auto Air Flash Reducer Fast Dry

32oz. Createx Auto Air Flash Reducer Fast Dry


Createx Auto Air Colors Sets the Industry StandardAuto Air Colors are ready-to-spray base coat graphic colors suitable for custom auto-motive painting, motorcycle tanks, fenders, helmets, etc.Available in 147 brilliant and durable colors, Auto Air Colors are the latest breakthrough in water-based non-toxic, base coat paints.Auto Air Colors feature surprising performance advantages, cost savings and time efficiency compared to urethane base coat paints. Auto Air Colors feature special effect colors including chameleon color shifting colors, candy colors, metallics, sparkle, and more in an intermixable system for creating endless custom colors.Auto Air Colors work excellent with any urethane or polyurethane automotive clear and have less than 0.01% VOC.Auto Air Colors solve many of the problems custom painters encounter such as: health, safety, and handling concerns, time window limitations, delaminating, cracking, clear coat incompatibility, etc.SERIES 4000 Base Coat Sealers/AdditivesAuto Air Base Coat Sealer White and Dark are a low build, adhesive sealer coat. Base Coat Sealers have higher adhesion properties that most other Auto Air Colors. They cover well making them ideal for use as an initial coat.


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