Airbrush Registration Oct 15th 1-4pm

Learn airbrushing from a master!

Robert Paschal, Author of 'Basic Airbrush Techniques A Complete Course', 'Airbrushing for Fine and Commercial Artists' and 'Advanced Airbrush Techniques-The Art of the Dot', will be conducting his revered workshops here in Chicago!

- Friday October 14th and Saturday October 15th.
- The use of all equipment and supplies is included!
- Seats are limited and workshops fill up fast!

Hosted at:

Fulton Street Collective
2000 W Fulton Ave
Chicago IL 60612

Basic Airbrush II - Working in Color
In the afternoon session, students will be introduced to the methods of working with the airbrush in color, both transparently and opaquely, as they develop images on a series of pre-printed exercises. Discussed will be applicable paints, color mixing, paint reduction, development of highlights, glazing technique, working with stencils, friskets and Artool freehand templates, and more. Upon completion, students will have the ability to apply airbrush techniques to their various disciplines—painting, illustration, photo retouching, custom auto/motorcycle art, hobbies and crafts, fingernails, tattoos and more.
Robert Paschal holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree in painting and has taught airbrush technique, acrylic painting techniques, watercolor and pastel workshops throughout the U.S.. He is the author of Airbrushing for Fine and Commercial Artists and co- author of Advanced Airbrush Techniques-The Art of the Dot. Robert has taught thousands of people the fundamentals of airbrush technique in his classes that are geared to artists at all levels. Robert's artwork has been exhibited throughout the United States, and he has received several awards--among them American Artist magazine's Art Masters Award and Airbrush Action magazine's Vargas Award.