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Lineco Sef-Adhesive Linen Tape 1-1/4
Use these tapes for joining the edges of boxes, adding a finishing touch to the edges of boards or hinging album pages. The linen is a favorite for hinging window mats to backboard or attaching art.
Lineco Pressure Sensitive Mending Tissue
This pressure sensitive, mounting/hinging tissue is a fine, long fibered tissue with an archival quality pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive that is permanent and non-yellowing. Ideal for hinging translucent art such as Japanese paper, papyrus, and other light weight art because it won't show through.
Lineco Half Inch Photo Corners
Lineco Archival photo corners, holds smaller photos away from the page. No adhesive touches the photos, for use with the smaller photos, 4 x 6 and 5 x 7 see the 1-1/4 and 3 inch photo corners also.
Lineco Framer Corners Mylar 1-3/8in.
See thru mylar self adhesive corners for mounting your photos on to paper and board in an archival manner. All products are acid free with a neutral pH.
Lineco Gummed Paper Hinging Tape 1in. X 130Ft.
This water activated tape, with 65/55 thread count fabric, provides superior strength for hinging, mounting or repair applications. The neutral pH adhesive has high tack, lay flat properties that make it a favorite for hinging mats and heavy pieces of artwork.
Lineco Document Repair Tape
For the archival repairing of torn documents. This thin paper is useful for light repairs, translucent but not transparent.
Lineco Neutral Ph Adhesive 8 oz Bottle
Lineco acid-free adhesive has excellent lay-flat properties and dries clear. Easy to use polyvinyl acetate (PVA) formula is fast setting and re-moistenable with water.
Lineco see thru mounting strips 60ct
Lineco see-thru mounting strips are made from conservation quality materials. Mylar polyester is bonded to a 2 ply mat with a self-adhesive back.
24 x 36 Grafix Twin Tack Archival Adhesive Sheets
Grafix Double Tack Archival Sheets. 24 x 36 inch sheet 25 pack
Graphix Twin Tac 18X24 Sheet 25 Pack

Archival Double Tack Mounting Film

An acid free formulation with a clear polyester carrier surrounded by an acrylic-based adhesive.
Lineco Neutral pH Liquid Adhesive 4 oz.bottle
For professional framing hobby or office use.