Large Scale Art

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Tip: Plan your project in detail on paper first. Design it to scale, on graphing paper and in pencil so that you can redesign and correct mistakes easily.

Get Creative With Sound

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Our artistic drives and instincts often extend past paint, canvas, paper, and charcoal. As artists, it is our job to expose ourselves to all forms of creative expression in order to expand our creative lives. Challenge your creativity by taking on an artistic experiment that stimulates more than your vision sense: let's add a new sensory dimension by exploring sound in art.

Recycled Art Tools and Materials

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Nothing stimulates creativity like a big, playful collection of tools that you love to use, and that are right at your fingertips. Imagine being a kid again, and you have a huge toy box filled with every toy you ever wanted. That is a wonderful way to feel when you walk into your studio to create, so let's cultivate a studio full of tools that are fun to use.

Cultivate an Artistic Life

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Art does not exist solely in the visual, the painting or composed image, a song, or a performance. Art can be in places you don't expect: how your grandmother set a table, the way light catches in a certain room at a certain time of day, the smell of something that sparks a memory. The idea that our very lives can be, and are, a work of art is an important thought to ponder. It then begs the question, how can we create more artistic lives?

Mat Cutting Techniques for Artists

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Artists are like small business owners: at certain times, you will need to wear multiple hats in order to be successful. We must be our own creative experts, our own marketing advisers, our own promoters, organizers, and that doesn't even begin to encompass preparing your work for an exhibition, or to sell to a client. Preparing your artwork for showing is one of the most important parts of being an artist. It is up to you to determine how your work will be seen, and that means finalizing with frames, pedestals, and any other way you prep your work for showing. Let's look at one of the most common, and most important ways to show your two-dimensional work: matting and framing.

Artistic Exploration: Cityscapes

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One of the wonders of modern civilization is the creation and construction of vast cities. Undulating pathways, towering skyscrapers, beautiful bridges: every large city has its own flavor, its own distinctive look and feel, and one of those distinctive differences is its skyline. Every city skyline has its own character, and every city can be its own source of art. Grab your camera, your sketchbook, and your favorite pens or pencils, and make your next walk through the city a chance to fill your reserves with plenty of inspiration.

Give Your Art Away

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"Free" is a word that most artists prefer not to hear. Whether it is a non-profit looking for a donation for an auction to raise money, a private entity wanting original art for a low price, or a company wanting your art in exchange for exposure, no artist wants his or her work to be devalued. Giving away art is usually the opposite of what a professional artist wants to or should do with their work.

Working with Encaustics

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If you are looking to get started using encaustic paint in your work, there are some great encaustic sets that provide everything you need to start using this fun and interesting medium, including instructions for how to work with the paint. If you are looking to use the medium for sculpting or texturizing, then be sure you have the right carving tools for the project you envision.

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