Artistic Exploration: Cityscapes

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Artistic Exploration: Cityscapes

One of the wonders of modern civilization is the creation and construction of vast cities. Undulating pathways, towering skyscrapers, beautiful bridges: every large city has its own flavor, its own distinctive look and feel, and one of those distinctive differences is its skyline. Every city skyline has its own character, and every city can be its own source of art. Grab your camera, your sketchbook, and your favorite pens or pencils, and make your next walk through the city a chance to fill your reserves with plenty of inspiration.

Explore Dimensions
One of the great gifts observing a cityscape can give us is the inspiration of depth and dimension. We can see how distance affects the color of an object, fading in saturation the further we are from it. We can walk under, and around, and through structures to observe how they are built, their unique support structures, their foundations, their shape.

But for all of the depth and dimension we can find in any city, the lack of dimension can also be a source of inspiration. Consider a skyline at sunset: the silhouettes of buildings, bridges, and towers create a two-dimensional form that can inspire a variety of art like stencils, watercolors, illustration, and graphics.

Explore Mediums
An impressionist oil painting. A detailed pen and ink drawing. A Suess-inspired illustration. With the kind of distinctive differences that you can find throughout a city, you can let your artistic inspiration take you in any direction, especially when it comes to your choice of medium. Set up with a set of pastels on a corner and let your eye guide you. You can even take a piece from the Banksy playbook and try your hand at graffiti art with some of the most vibrant colors of spray paint - on a surface that you own, of course.


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