best heavy duty stretcher bar for canvas best heavy duty stretcher bar for canvas

The Best Heavy Duty Pine Stretcher Bar. This Super Bar is made of pine that has been finger spliced. Finger splicing is a method of bonding pieces of lumber together to form a very long straight bar. The spliced joints are actually stronger than the natural wood. The advantage to this method is that we can now get longer, stronger and straighter bars than ever before. First designed for the construction industry, this high tech method is giving better bars than ever before.

Quality stretcher bars are not just another piece of wood. At BEST Artist Products, every bar is selected from the finest raw material. The bars must be free of knots and completely straight. BEST offers a world of museum quality stretcher bars: Gallery Wrap Bars, Aluminum Pro-Bars, Heavy-duty Pine Super Bars, Medium-duty Bars, Lightweight Bars, as well as Cross Braces. All the bars are designed so that the canvas is always a full 1⁄2" from the stretcher bar to insure that there will be no ôghostö impressions on the canvas. The rounded back edge reduces surface friction and allows for a smoother, tighter draw of the fabric for a snug, more even painting surface. BEST stretcher bars are designed by artists and made from kiln-dried pine. They are the finest made today.

1.5 inches on side width.

Individually Priced.
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Requires 4 bars to make a frame.

Best Heavy Duty Stretcher Bars

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