Cultivate an Artistic Life

Posted by on 3/1/2014 to Art Tips

Cultivate an Artistic Life

Art does not exist solely in the visual, the painting or composed image, a song, or a performance. Art can be in places you don't expect: how your grandmother set a table, the way light catches in a certain room at a certain time of day, the smell of something that sparks a memory. The idea that our very lives can be, and are, a work of art is an important thought to ponder. It then begs the question, how can we create more artistic lives?

Involve Your Loved Ones
What better way to cultivate art in your life than to involve the people that matter most? Share time with your friends and family by enjoying something creative. Decorate a cake with your children. Take portraits of your parents. Make a painting date with your friends. The idea is to make an effort to make your time memorable with friends and family by making it creative, too. Watch how the people you love express themselves creatively through the activities. Share with them what inspires you; ask what inspires them.

Live In the Moment
This common platitude is very often much harder to do than it is to say, which of course, makes it all the more important as a reminder. Whether you are waiting in a line at the grocery store, washing your car, or any number of other things that seem ordinary, make an effort to be aware of what the moment feels like as well. Are there birds calling? Is there a particular pattern on the floor that is of interest? Perhaps the sound of a particular individual's voice has a uniqueness, or the sun is warming only a part of you that it touches. Be in touch with the small things, an appreciator of the moment, and search it for inspiration, or even, perhaps, just a momentary experience of what it feels like to be

Practice Gratitude
People who have appreciation for the things that they have, not lament for things they don't, are scientifically proven to be more creative. Not only that, those people tend to be happier, too! It sounds like a win-win, so why not give it a shot. Instead of grumping about Mondays, think of how the coffee tastes, and appreciates it's warmth in your hand. Turn your attention to the abundances that you experience in your world, and your perception about the world around you will evolve, too.

Be Curious
It is so easy to lose the child we are as we grow older and experience more of the world, so practice pushing back against the tendency to gloss over the world around you simply because it is familiar. Embrace the curiosity of childhood, and find ways to explore the world. If you see an interesting street on your daily route, take the time out later to observe it. Do you like the look of a particular place? Come back to it in the late afternoon, and see what it looks like during the golden hour of daylight. Ask questions of the people around you. Ask that person making preserves at the farmers market about their process. Engage with people about their lives, and ask questions as though you are writing a book. Be engaged with learning and exploring — the world is a limitless place, and there is always something more to discover.

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