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Drawing Manga

You probably know what manga is or else you wouldn't have clicked on this art tip. Just in case you don't, though, the simple Merriam-Webster definition is "a Japanese comic book or graphic novel." The word, commonly pronounced main-guh in the United States, is actually pronounced maw-nnn-gah in its native Japan. Manga is often turned into Japanese cartoons or anime. At least that's typical in Japan. But manga has seen its popularity rise dramatically in the U.S. and typically the manga evolves from the anime.

If you're interested in drawing manga, here are a few tips. First remember that manga is read right to left. Not only are the pages read right to left but the panels and texts on each page are read right to left. Manga style typically has characters who have large eyes, small mouths, and an unusual hair color. Those characters often show exaggerated emotions.

As for the tools of drawing manga, a first foray into the field would be to get a set of manga artist pens. Such a set will have various shades of gray and black with tip styles such as brush, medium, and super fine. A good set will have inks that are smudge proof, waterproof, and are of archival quality.

Of course, once you get your pen, you'll need something to draw upon. The Canson Fanboy Manga Art Board is a perfect pad to get you started. It contains 15 sheets of heavyweight drawing paper that is suitable for pencil, ink, or marker. It even contains a "How to Draw Manga" sheet. Similarly, a Canson Fanboy Comic Manga Sketch Book is a fantastic item to have. In fact, the entire Canson Fanboy line of comic book supplies should be examined closely so that you can decide what best fits your current needs.

Once you get your basics drawn, you'll need some color. The Chartpak Manga 25 Markert Set is a fine place to start. You get an array of colors in fine point, medium, or broad nib. A six-piece set of Manga-Comic Propens would also be an excellent choice. The six pack contains disposable technical pens with archival quality.

As for the actual drawing, this art tip discusses a lot of details about figure drawing, so it's a great place to start. And click through to this past art tip about using markers. For manga-specific tips, a website called designzzz.com has a nice set of tutorials. More tutorials can be found at the website howtodrawmanga.com. With the right supplies in hand and all of these tips, you'll be ready to jump into the world of manga.


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