Give Your Art Away

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Give Your Art Away

"Free" is a word that most artists prefer not to hear. Whether it is a non-profit looking for a donation for an auction to raise money, a private entity wanting original art for a low price, or a company wanting your art in exchange for exposure, no artist wants his or her work to be devalued. Giving away art is usually the opposite of what a professional artist wants to or should do with their work.

The value of creating a piece of artwork that you can give away, however, is high. Many communities across the country participate in public art creation simply to inspire others, and there is certainly something to be said for creating art that you know you will simply give away. Think of walking through a public park, and seeing a watercolor painting pinned to a tree with a small sign attached that reads, "Take Me, I'm Free." It's a gift for both the finder and the creator. If you make it a regular practice to create free art and leave it for others to find, you will discover that there is an empowerment of creative freedom that comes with it.

Get Creative
Because this is meant to be simple, inexpensive, and most importantly, given away to a random person, then the artist can go to a more experimental place. The expression of creativity can embody anything. If, for example, you are looking to move into a new medium, such as encaustic painting, then you can experiment freely, and if the first few attempts don't turn out exactly the way you anticipate, then you can give these experiments away. Perhaps you are working on studies of a certain subject in preparation for a larger, more intricate work. Those studies, whether they are in pen or marker, charcoal, or pastel, can serve as your "free art".

Use Old Supplies
Free art is also a great way to use the last of some old supplies as well, as an alternative to throwing them away. If you have a few remaining tubes of oil paints that are taking up space in your studio, why not use the last of them to create some free artwork?

Environmentally Friendly
If you will be leaving your artwork out in nature, think of using supplies that are environmentally safe, such as newspaper, which is compostable. Also, if this art will be living in nature for a while, try to avoid using mediums with chemicals, or anything else that might be harmful to the environment. You can check out our catalog of environmentally responsible art supplies on our website if you are looking for good alternatives, such as biodegradable foam board.

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