The Art Of Illustration

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The Art of Illustration

Watching this sweet video produced by PBS called The Art of Illustration gave us the idea to talk a bit about, well, the art of illustration. While more illustration is being created in tandem with digital methods, as the video describes, much of illustration is still done with typical artistic tools. Watercolors, oils, and acrylics remain popular mediums for illustration artists.

Drawing is also a standard form of illustration but any of a number of drawing supplies can be used. Copic sketch markers, for instance, are great for drawing comics. Pigma Micron brush marker pens also are excellent for illustrations.

And obviously with all that drawing and painting, you have to consider paper, too. Watercolor paper can be used for dry mediums, though it is suited for acrylics and mixed media, too. Watercolor paper typically comes in sheets, blocks, or pads. Similarly, don't forget that your awesome illustrations will most likely start out as some sort of sketch. Numerous sketch books can help you get your vision onto paper. Similarly, drawing pads can be useful for illustrators. Also good for sketching, drawing, and just doodling are newsprint pads.

You may want to set up a drafting table with a comfortable chair as your illustration station. Having a regular space to work that is set up for your specific purpose is always helpful.

And finally, once your illustrations are finished, keep them safe in a portfolio or long-term in a flat file.

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