Working with Encaustics

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Getting Into Encaustic

Encaustic painting is essentially painting with pigment that has been mixed into heated beeswax. Because of the natural properties of wax, painting with pigment-infused wax is a very flexible, reworkable, and diverse medium. You can paint with it, sculpt it, use it for collage work, and a whole range of applications. Encaustics come in a range of readily available colors, but this medium also lends itself very well to mixing.

Encaustic is a wax-based medium, which means that working with it requires heating tools and elements. Keeping the paint workable means that is should stay between 180-200 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is important to have a reliable thermometer with which to gauge medium and surface temperatures.

If you are looking to get started using encaustic paint in your work, there are some great encaustic sets that provide everything you need to start using this fun and interesting medium, including instructions for how to work with the paint. If you are looking to use the medium for sculpting or texturizing, then be sure you have the right carving tools for the project you envision.

Check out our section on Encaustic Painting for more specifics about this timeless medium.

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