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Artfix Primed Belgian Linen Canvas 30% off

Oil Primed and Acrylic Primed Rolls

For over 30 years the Narozni family has been hand crafting premium artists canvases for serious painters, painters who insist on museum quality canvas that has been hand-primed according to time honored methods. These canvases are manufactured in a small village near Vence in Provence, a mecca for artists, who's dry, warm climate is ideal for the slow even drying of primer surfaces.


A range of canvases is available from the tightest weave, finest tooth quadruple primed Belgian ôhandkerchiefö linen to robust heavy toothed linens ideal for large format works. These are the only pre-primed canvases that are double sized before priming. A specially formulated acrylic sizing is applied to every canvas twice to completely isolate the fabric from the acids contained in the primer and the paints themselves. The canvas then receives from one to six coats of either oil based, or acrylic universal primer. The formulation of its oil-based primer has the feel, strength, adhesion, luminosity and absorption of a traditional white lead primer without the toxicity. The acrylic universal primer is a ôbest of both worldsö acrylic primer that has many of the absorbent characteristics of an oil-based primer.

Three different linens according to the weave

1)All Purpose             2) Portrait          3)Heavy Duty

available in

Full rolls (85Æ x 11 yards)  and half rolls (85Æ x 5.5 yards)