Canvas in Rolls, Stretched Canvas, Stretcher Bars and Surfaces

Artist Canvas, in rolls, pre-stretched on bars in all sizes. Linen, cotton, primed, unprimed, various brands and thicknesses. Also Stretcher Bars, Pliers,Canvas Panels,Gesso Board etc...We always offer a discount and excellent customer service.Call us for any questions regarding shipping of oversize canvas.


  • Canvas Rolls
    We offer Caravaggio, Artfix Linen, Fredrix,and standard cotton canvas, primed and unprimed.
  • Canvas Panels
    Canvas Panels are the inexpensive way to paint on real canvas. They are cotton or linen canvas adhered to a hard card board.
  • Canvas Pads
    There are ten sheets of medium-weight, archival quality, acid-free canvas per pad, each primed with acrylic gesso. Suitable for oils, acrylics, pastels and mixed media.
  • Do It Yourself Stretched Canvas Kits
    SAME CANVAS SMALLER FOOTPRINT IN YOUR STORE. This is a new system of stretching canvas. It enables us to ship you a large canvas that you put together yourself, as opposed to the already made canvas which would cost 5 times as much to ship. It is of the ecommerce age.
  • Painting Boards
    Belgian Linen or 100% Cotton canvas stretched over NatureCore, a proprietary blend of vegetable based and recycled components. Paint Boards are lightweight, durable and easy to transport. They are available pre-primed with acid-free titanium gesso, ready to paint.
  • Canvas For Inkjet Printers
    All Fredrix Desktop Inkjet Canvas is made especially for your desktop printer. Some desktop printers will deliver better quality than others, but Fredrix® Desktop Inkjet Canvas is recommended for use on HP®, Epson®, Lexmark®, Canon® and other printers.

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