Oil Paint

  • Winsor Newton Oil Paint and Mediums
    Winsor & Newton are the famous oil paint manufacturers from England. Here you will find the full range of professional oil colors as well as the student grade Winton and the fast drying Artisan paints as well as thinners and mediums for all of them.
  • Gamblin Oil Paint
    Robert Gamblin markets his paint almost exclusively by word of mouth. But the more significant difference between Gamblin Oils and its competitors is the quality of the paint.
  • Paint Sticks
    Oil Paint in stick form to apply the color directly on to the support or canvas without using a brush. Blends and dries like real oil paint because it is real oil paint. Available in two brands Winsor Newton and Shiva.
  • Oil Paint Mediums
    Various mediums to use with oil painting. Venice Turpentine,Light Painting Medium,Sun Thickened Linseed Oil,Copal Painting Medium,Rectified Turpentine,Linseed Oil,Damar Varnish,Signa-Turp
  • Turpenoid Odorless Turpentine
    Using turpentine in an enclosed space is not wise. You should always ventilate. Turpenoid is an orderless thinner, still you should ventilate.
  • Permalba
    The classic White Permalba Oil Paint. Is there anything like it? Very Opaque.
  • Krylon Sprays
    The Gallery Series line provides the ultimate in art protection, including no smudging, smearing, fading, yellowing, cracking or moisture damage.

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