Featured Artist: DIDIER NOLET

Posted by Spencer on 8/21/2014 0 Comments
Our second Featured Artist of the Month is French painter Didier Nolet, a Chicago-based artist since 1979, as well as, long-time friend and customer to Genesis Art Supply. Didier is talented, has a unique background and has inspirational words of wisdom to share with artists and aspiring artists alike. This fall, at ArtSupply.com’s new store and creative center, he will begin teaching oil and acrylic painting, pastel and even have some specialty courses, focusing on components such as skies or fall flowers. Check out his interview below! For more of his artwork and information, visit his website (didiernolet.com) and his Facebook page!

Featured Artist: ROME-WON

Posted by Spencer on 8/20/2014 0 Comments
As part of our new look and feel, today we begin a monthly tradition where we feature an artist and share some their insights and work with you. Rome-Won, a Chicago-based artist and long-time Genesis Art Supply customer, has agreed to be our very first featured artist. Rome studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and his work can be seen on his Facebook page and his website.

Large Scale Art

Posted by artsupply.com on 3/30/2014 to Art Tips 0 Comments

Tip: Plan your project in detail on paper first. Design it to scale, on graphing paper and in pencil so that you can redesign and correct mistakes easily.

Get Creative With Sound

Posted by artsupply.com on 3/15/2014 to Art Tips 0 Comments

Our artistic drives and instincts often extend past paint, canvas, paper, and charcoal. As artists, it is our job to expose ourselves to all forms of creative expression in order to expand our creative lives. Challenge your creativity by taking on an artistic experiment that stimulates more than your vision sense: let's add a new sensory dimension by exploring sound in art.

Recycled Art Tools and Materials

Posted by artsupply.com on 3/8/2014 to Art Tips 0 Comments

Nothing stimulates creativity like a big, playful collection of tools that you love to use, and that are right at your fingertips. Imagine being a kid again, and you have a huge toy box filled with every toy you ever wanted. That is a wonderful way to feel when you walk into your studio to create, so let's cultivate a studio full of tools that are fun to use.

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