Cut Sizes 3/16th Self Adhesive Foam Board

Cut Sizes 3/16th Self Adhesive Foam Board


Self adhesive foam board. has a convenient adhesive one one side with a peel back liner. Useful to make signs and other mounting work when using any type of spray or wet glue is not feasible.

White boards have a shiny paper coating on the back with white core, Black boards have a matte black paper surface with black core.

3/16th inch thick.

  • We custom cut to any size our customers desire. We cut to best yield. Standard size is 48 x 96. It must be specified if the cuts need to be exact cut or nominal. If an exact cut is required,there will be less yield due to thickness of blades.
  • Our Foam Board is available in white (1/8, 3/16, ½, 3/8, ¾ and 1”), black (3/16 and ½) and colors on one side, white on the order side with white core.(
  • For archival purposes, acid free foam board is available. It is useful for mounting art work which is required for longer shelf life. Perfect for framing purposes.
  • For displaying purposes, we carry easel backs up to 15” size for immediate displaying over a countertop.

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