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Architectural Technical Blueprint Kit
(Item Number BRK-1A)

6" bow compass with parts tube Architects’ open divided triangular scale, white impact plastic with die-engraved graduations 10" 30°/60° clear plastic triangle 8" 45°/90° clear plastic triangle  6" semicircular protractor 8 1/2" irregular curve  Pencil eraser, erasing shield Mechanical lead holder “Mini” lead pointer Tube of compass leads Vinyl portfolio/carrying case Freehand lettering guide pad.

MSRP: $52.00

YOUR PRICE: $42.00

Beginners Drafting Mechanical Kit
(Item Number BDK-1MD)

Contains one each of: 12 inch plastic architectural scale , 12 x 16 inch mesh bag. Practice cross section pad 6 inch compass, 6 inch divider 10 inch 30°/60° triangle 8 inch 45°/90° triangle 6 inch protractor 6 and three-quater inch french curve |Soft pencil eraser |Lead holder |Mini lead pointer |Erasing shield |Three pack 2.

MSRP: $70.95

YOUR PRICE: $50.00

Beginners Architectual Drafting Kit
(Item Number BDK-1A)

Contains one each of: |12" plastic architectural scale |12" x 16" mesh bag |Practice cross section pad |6" compass, 6" divider |10" 30°/60° triangle |8" 45°/90° triangle |6" protractor |6¾" french curve |Soft pencil eraser |Lead holder |Mini lead pointer |Erasing shield |Three pack 2.0mm lead Shrink-wrapped for retail display.

MSRP: $67.50

YOUR PRICE: $50.00

Engineering Drafting Kit
(Item Number BDK-1E)

A convenient way for students to eliminate guesswork, save time, and work with consistent equipment. Contains
1 NB1216 Mesh Bag 12 x 161 P476 6" Semicircular Protractor
1 S1390-10 10" Academic Transparent Triangle 30°/60°
1 S1450-8 8" Academic Transparent Triangle 45°/90°
1 111P 12" High Impact Plastic Engineer Triangular Scale
1 1424-1 Cross Section Sketch Pad 7 x 5
1 201 Introductory 6" Bow Compass/Divider
1 3298 Stainl.

MSRP: $69.95

YOUR PRICE: $50.00

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