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Acid Free Foam Board

The same weight and properties of regular foam board, cuts easily with a knife and the edges do not pinch when cut but spring back to full thickness. This board is mainly used in picture framing.

For framing purposes, acid free foam board is available. It is useful for mounting art work  where you do not want an acidic surface to touch your original acid free art paper . This is not a perfect archival solution however as the foam will off gas a bit over time. For perfect archival framing and mounting, we carry Bainbridge Art Care Archival Foam Board, see description at bottom of this page. 

Custom Cuts: please note:

Special cuts may be short up to 1/8". Let us know if you need your sizes exact, you may receive less pieces.


Insite Reveal Natural White Acid Free Foam Board

Insite® Reveal acid-free mounting boards deliver two-sided protection from damaging pollutants and harmful gases. Specially created for conservation mounting and framing. This board is the recommended solution for photographers and artists who require a backing that will add value to high end artwork. It consists of a chemically inert core faced with natural white pH neutral paper liners. They are also in compliance with PAT (Photographic Activity Test) standards.

ID Number Insight Reveal
Acid Free Core Board
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AF-3240IR Insight Reveal Natural White Acid Free
Foam Board
32in.x40in.x3/16in. 24 sheets
$480.00 $395.00
AF2436-IR Insight Reveal Natural White Acid Free
Foam Board
24in x 36in.x3/16in. 25 sheets
$380.00 $295.00
AF4896-IR Insight Reveal Natural White Acid Free
Foam Board
48in.x96in.x3/16in. 25 sheets
$1395.00 $925.00