using task board to make models  using taskboard


Taskboard for laser cutting and blade cutting
Rigid, flat & non-warping - Yet can be formed into 3D shapes

Taskboard is an ultralight wood fiber board. Being light weight, it is extremely easy to cut.

Taskboard is rigid, stays flat, and won't curl when dry. Yet when sprayed with water on both sides, it becomes pliable and can be formed into 3D shapes.

Architects prefer Taskboard when laser cutting since edge-burn is very light and can be sanded off. Laser surface etching also produces superior results.

Taskboard is available in Basswood-tone™ and white. Basswood-tone has a more distinct wood texture. White is better for forming 3D shapes and smaller radii.

100% sustainable forestry wood .


Taskboard's color temperature of ISO 62/62
degrees makes details, shades, and shadows look great in
photos when unpainted.


TB05100 Basswood Tone Taskboard
1/32 X 19.5 X 27.5 100 Sheets
TB0950 Basswood Tone Taskboard
1/32 X 27.5 X 39.5 50 Sheets
TB1250 Basswood Tone Taskboard
1/16 X 20 X 30 50 Sheets
TB1125 Basswood Tone Taskboard
1/16 X 30 X 40 25 Sheets
TB3225 Basswood Tone Taskboard
1/8 20 X 30 25 Sheets
TB3112 Basswood Tone Taskboard
1/8 30 X 40 12 Sheets

WHITE TASKBOARD      white taskboard

TB0100-W WhiteTaskboard 1/32 X 20 X 30 100 Sheets $379.00
TB0150-W WhiteTaskboard 1/32 X 30 X 40 50 Sheets $356.00
TB1250-W WhiteTaskboard 1/16 X 20 X 30 50 Sheets $278.00
TB1125-W WhiteTaskboard 1/16 X 30 X 40 25 Sheets $270.00
TB3225-W WhiteTaskboard 1/8 20 X 30 25 Sheets $278.00

Architectural models
Landscape models
Interior Design models
Industrial Design models
Product Design models
Scenery for railroad models
Model railroad buildings
Model Railroading
forming Masters
K-12 school projects
Sketch models
Craft projects

taskboard taskboard

Taskboard is very easy to cut-
enjoy effortless cuts and exact parts for your project.
Xacto, hobby knife, safety razor
for small children
hand or power tools
Laser cutter:
easily sand off scorch marks

Taskboard has an edge that is identical to the surface in both color and texture
This quality allows architects to make visual models that do not need to be painted. Just sand joints after glue dries and achieve perfectly invisible joints. Sanding can be done with emery board, sanding paper and pads, even power sanders.
Make topographic models, any cutting mistake can be corrected by sanding to achieve perfect curves on your topo landscape model and site model Sand down steps to create a smooth topographic model, model railroad scenery, diorama or mass 3d object. Taskboard can also be easily cut, sanded, formed glued, and painted

Eco Friendly Taskboard

Nearly a hundred years have passed since it was decided that our timberlands could no longer be freely exploited. Instead, sustainable forestry would provide the basis for future operations. Replanting, good forest management and long-term planning have subsequently led to a very large increase in timber supplies. This made possible a steady expansion of logging operations. Today's timber stock is 50% larger than it was when detailed measurements began in the 1920s.
Since the 1992 Earth Summit meeting in Rio, our concept of sustainability has broadened. This is reflected in our revised forestry policy that went into effect in 1994. Today sustainable forestry must not only ensure a reliable yield of timber and the multiple use of forests, but also preserve biological diversity.
The forest is a resource which should be managed so that it provides a good return on a sustainable basis and ensures the preservation of biodiversity.
Taskboard is an unbleached wood product made of sustainable forestry wood. for more information regarding Taskboard's ecofriendliness email [email protected]