Gamblin Artist Oils 37 ml Alizerine Crimson

Gamblin Artist Oils 37 ml Alizerine Crimson


gamblin oil paint

GamblinArtist's Oil Colors Sale
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Where leading artists' paint manufacturers are owned by multinational conglomerates, Gamblin produceshis paint with a staff of local artists in an unmarked Pearl Districtwarehouse. While the big boys buy slick advertisements in national artmagazines, Gamblin markets his paint almost exclusively by word of mouth.But the more significant difference between Gamblin Oils and its competitorsis the quality of the paint. According to Steven Steinberg, owner of NewYork Central Art Supply - the country's oldest art supply store, locatedin the heart of the art world's capitol - Gamblin Oils are "unquestionably,the best oil paint made in America."

The two keys to Gamblin's success are simple. His oilsare made as purely as possible with the best pigments available, and hesells in the quantities that artists really use. You can buy a 1.25-ouncetube of Gamblin's paint, but you can also buy a quart and save 50 percent.

"He's one of the real idealists in the color industry,"says artist Kahn. "He takes no shortcuts for the balance sheet. Andhis prices are a lot better than foreign paints."

much more info on Gamblin's Oil Paint at
Gamblin's excellent website-(niceinfomation on their colors)


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