Golden High Flow Acrylics 1 ounce bottles

golden high flow acrylic colors


  • A set of 49 colors, including Fluorescent and Iridescent Colors made with the same ingredients of other GOLDEN Artist Colors paint lines.
  • Formulated with 100% acrylic polymer dispersion, resulting in a durable paint layer with excellent water and chemical resistance.
  • Made with finely ground pigments to reduce clogging issues in small tips and nozzles.
  • Additives such as flow improvers, film levelers and retarders create a very thin and free-flowing paint.
  • Application use ranges from fine line-work to large passages on a variety of surfaces, such as paper, canvas, panel and other artist supports.

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Golden High FLow acrylic Colors


Both natural and synthetic brushes may be used with Golden High Flow Acrylics . Fine detail brushes work exceptionally well with these paints and can produce long consistent lines. Color wash brushes intended for watermedia applications or watercolor techniques are suitable as well. Coarse bristle brushes generate more foam bubbles due to their rougher feel especially on textural surfaces.


When it is important to maintain the consistency of Golden High Flow Acrylics use GOLDEN Airbrush Transparent Extender. Other GOLDEN Mediums may be used to extend the Golden High Flow Acrylics but they will change the consistency of the paint.

    Water Media Techniques: Golden High Flow Acrylics produce intense color washes due to their high pigment load. They can be modified as needed with water when working on paper and other absorbent surfaces.  Over thinning with water can create sensitive paint layers, especially when used on non-absorbent surfaces.

    Canvas Stains: Large areas of color can be created without any need for additional thinning with water or additives. Adding high levels of water increases the surface tension, reducing the ability of the color to absorb into the raw canvas. Add GOLDEN Acrylic Flow Release (as directed) to improve the staining ability.

    Pours: Golden High Flow Acrylics are well suited for use on large areas, where the thin consistency allows for free flowing color layers.  The pigment size and intensity varies between each color.  Denser, larger pigment particles settle more rapidly than smaller particles.

    Wet into Wet: The thin feel and slow drying nature allows Golden High Flow Acrylics to readily spread across wet surfaces or paint layers. Different kinds of acrylic gels and mediums can alter the behavior, as well as different paint colors will produce different patterns and spread rates.


Golden High Flow Acrylics spray very well through airbrushes with minimal clogging. Some pigments are not well suited for use in airbrushes with small nozzles and fine tips, so refer to the reference chart. Due to pigment particle differences, some colors will spray better than others. If thinning is required, add small amounts of water into the paint. When a high degree of extending is required, use the GOLDEN Airbrush Transparent Extender.

The low viscosity of Golden High Flow Acrylics allow for use in a large variety of pens. However, because of the range of pigments used in this paint line, some paint colors may perform better than others in different style nibs and tips.

    Pen Size Selection for Cartridge Pens: Although colors will behave differently depending on their colorant size and shape, very fine line nozzles (.35mm or smaller) are highly prone to clogging and should be avoided. Fluorescent and Iridescent particles are especially likely to clog fountain and technical pens. It is not recommended to leave Golden High Flow Acrylics in pens after use.

    Thinning and modifying Golden High Flow Acrylics for Pen & Ink use: When a paint color being tested performs poorly, start by adding small amounts of water to improve flow. Alternatively add GOLDEN Airbrush Medium to thin while improving flow and leveling. Note: Additions of Airbrush Medium may cause slower drying, tacky films and will lower pigment strength as more is added. Use only enough Airbrush Medium to achieve proper flow.


Marbleizing: Paper and fabric marbling can be done with the Golden High Flow Acrylics with satisfactory results. Some HFA colors may need some thinning to improve flow onto the marbling bath. When laundering is essential, additions of GOLDEN GAC 900 - at a 1:1 ratio - are suggested to retain color intensity. Refer to GOLDEN Product Application Sheet Marbleizing with GOLDEN Acrylics for more information.

    Automotive: Golden High Flow Acrylics can be used for custom automotive painting with proper surface preparation and top-coating. The underlying paint layers and topcoat should be intended for automotive applications. The surface should be clean of finger oils and dust, and scuffed sufficiently to allow for proper adhesion. The acrylic paint layers do not need additional sanding in order for the topcoat to adhere. However, allow enough time for the water, retarders and other additives to leave the film prior to clear-coating.

    Exterior Signage/Murals: Any paint color listed in the GOLDEN Application sheet Painting Exterior Murals may be used for outdoor applications. Guidelines for preparation and varnishing are similar to when using other GOLDEN paint lines.

    Wood Staining: The Golden High Flow Acrylics are suitable for staining wood used for fine art and decorative applications. The pigments offer a wide range of color stain possibilities as well as more opaque layers. Review the GOLDEN Application sheet Woodstaining Objects with GOLDEN Acrylics for more information on this application.

    Fabric/Textile: When blended with GOLDEN GAC 900 or GOLDEN Silkscreen Fabric Gel (heat-settable mediums designed to improve launderability and softness of hand. Start with 1:1 ratios of paint to GAC 900/Silkscreen Fabric Gel, and adjust as needed. Follow the GOLDEN Application Sheet GOLDEN Acrylics on Fabrics for further guidance.

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