Gouache is both a technique and a product. The technique, dating back to before the renaissance, refers to the use of white to achieve opacity in water based colors.

Opaque techniques were popularized by the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists in their use of pastel,lithography and wood cuts.

Gouache, the product, was a result of this interest in both opaque and water based products. Designers Opaque Water Color was developed  in the 1930's.

Gouache paint applies a very flat matte painted surface as opposed to acrylics which has a shiny plastic looking finish.

Gouache do not permanently dry . If they get wet they will run again. Acrylics will permanently dry. Gouache is used mainly by students, designers and illustrators because of this flat matte finish.

    Da Vinci Gouache

    Winsor Newton Gouache

    Opaque watercolors used by designers , artists, architects, airbrush, and calligraphy. 4 ml tubes, Blacks and Whites available in 37ml tube, Gold and Silver available in 30ml tubes.

    Winsor Newton Gouache

    Talens Gouache

    Professional quality gouache for use by commercial and fine artists. Thins and cleans up with water. Suitable for use with brush, airbrush, ruling pen, or lettering pen where opaque, matte, and highly brilliant color is desired.

    Talens Gouache

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