paint sticks oil bars for artists

Siva and R%F pigmented oil bars. A crayon fro the professional oil painter. The R&F are especially soft and lush, generous in spirit to the work flow of the creative professional.

Oil Paint in stick form to apply the color directly on to the support or canvas without using a brush. Blends and dries like real oil paint because it is real oil paint.

Paint Sticks

  • Shiva Paintstiks
    The famous Shiva Paintstiks in the whole spectrum of colors
  • Shiva Iridescent Paintstiks
    Shiva Paintstiks in the shiny iridescent colors.
  • Shiva Paintstiks Sets
    No unpleasant odors or fumes, so you can paint virtually anywhere, at any time, on almost any surface from paper to panel to fabric. Oil paint sticks can be used without or with a brush, spread or thinned with turpentine.

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