Picture Frames

"If beauty is savored best when set apart,
The frame becomes the essence of the art."-Chicago poet

We are not just an art and drafting supply shop, we are also a frame shop. The great late Andy Ford begin teaching me picture framing when Genesis Art Supply started in 1989. I continued as the Western Ave framer while Andy went on to do the framing at the Jackson Street location. Andy later opened up his own shop on Milwaukee Avenue in the People Coke and Gas building until he passed away. I bring this up to demonstrate our love for picture framing. we have a full time in house expert picture framer currently who has worked in the Chicago area for 30 years. We sell in the store and online the Nielsen Frame Kits and their line of Ready Made Frames as well. We have the full line of Logan Mat Cutters as well as the framing tools and all the mat board, the acid free mat boards and fgom board backing. we carry plexiglass, and regular glass cut to size. Come visit us or order online. We discount deeply either way.

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