Shiva Iridescent Paintstiks


When you are ready to start your next oil painting, pick up Shiva Iridescent Oil Paintstiks instead of a brush.
Ideal for outlining and sketching, Shiva ridescent Paintstiks are refined linseed oil blended with a quality pigment and solidified into a convenient stick form.
Shiva ridescent Paintsticks can be spread or blended and used with conventional paintstiks.
No unpleasant odors or fumes.

Remember ridescent Oil Paintstiks are real oil colors, so the same techniques,mediums and surfaces can be used as tube oil paints, including varnishes.

Available in 51 professional colors, and 16 iridescent colors

5 inch Shiva  Oil Paintstiks

These are the Iridescent Paintstiks, see the

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