Shiva Oil Mediums
Venice Turpentine is used in mixing your own mediums. Its properties include adhesiveness and an enamel-like gloss.


Light Painting Medium is formulated to provide brilliance and good working consistency to oil paints. After drying, the paint film remains flexible and very durable, with no cracking.

Sun Thickened Linseed Oil, or Stand Oil, is a very heavy-bodied oil. It wets pigments well, producing paint with good flowing qualities that levels easily and reduces brush marks.


Copal Painting Medium improves the flow of paint from the brush and speeds the drying rate for oil colors. Avoid overloading the paint film with copal as this can cause excessive yellowing.


Rectified Turpentine is highly refined and crystal clear. It is used to thin oil paints and for cleaning brushes.


Linseed Oil is highly purified white linseed oil. It thins the paint, but still acts as a binder for the pigment.


Damar Varnish is considered to be the best of the natural picture varnishes. It increases the brilliancy of the colors and provides moderately high gloss. Damar Varnish responds readily to ordinary solvents used in painting restoration.


Signa-Turp is a colorless turpentine substitute which possesses the properties of turpentine without its strong odor. It is especially ideal for people who are allergic to turpentine or do not like its strong odor.

Oil Paint Mediums

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