Professional Kolinsky Sable Oil Brush Series

kolinsky sable paint brush

Very few companies today manufacture a pure Kolinsky Sable Brush for oils. Hair for this brush comes from the most Northern areas of the Kolin Peninsula and is most difficult to trap. It is the finest and the most expensive hair used in brush making. When using hair of this quality we use only the finest and most skilled brushmakers. The brush is mounted in a gold ferrule and has a beautiful walnut handle.

Kolinsky Round – 7162 Long Handle:
The round is a very difficult brush to make correctly. You cannot use a watercolor head on a long handle to get a good oil or acrylic brush. In watercolor, you are pushing very thin applications of colored water. Because there is very little resistance, you need a full-bodied brush with great snap but little muscle. With oils and acrylics, you will be pushing very thick applications of heavy paste-like paint. Here muscle is required.

Kolinsky Flat – 7163 Long Handle:
This flat brush is full and lush and comes to a razor edge.

Kolinsky Filbert – 7160 Long Handle:
The shape of the filbert is achieved by gently moving the hair in the fingertips of the brushmaker to achieve that perfect oval shape. A knife can never touch the hair, the tips are never cut or trimmed.

Kolinsky Bright - 7161Long Handle:
This brush is full-bodied and comes to a razor edge.

Richeson Kolinsky Sable

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