Sabre Series 2  Trimmer 100 Inch

Sabre Series 2 Trimmer 100 Inch


Foster TRIMMERS – We are proud to include Foster from England as part of our extensive range of professional quality trimmers. With their comprehensive 5 year guarantee, Foster products are made to the highest standards of engineering excellence, are precise, built to last and are an outstanding value. Offering both rotary trimmers for flexible materials such as paper and straight blade cutters for foam board, mat board and glass. All Foster trimmers are guaranteed against faulty workmanship and material for five years. This guarantee does not cover cutting blades, clampstrips or other plastic and rubber parts that are subject to normal wear and tear. Damages due to improper use, handling or storage will void this guarantee. Please save the original shipping carton. Cutting Chart |PVC Foamboard (Sintra) up to ¼" |Foam Centered Board up to ½"* |Honeycomb and Corrugated Plastics |Vinyl and Plastic Film |Cardstock and Corrugated Cardboard *3/8" with standard blade, ½" with long reach blade The Sabre is a cutter bar with its own integral base. The anodized aluminum baseboard incorporates a narrow groove to accept the blade tip when cutting. A full length silicon rubber grip strip mounted in the base and two more on the underside of the cutter bar ensures that materials are held firmly in place while cutting. The innovative hinge and lift arm mechanism makes it possible to cut materials which are longer than the cutter itself. It also allows the Sabre to acccept materials up to 0.5" without affecting the angle of cut - angle remains perfectly vertical. Superbly styled and efficiently engineered for volume production, the Sabre offers the same cutting capacities as the Javelin and embodies the highest standards of design excellence combined with outstanding value for the money.


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