Sculpey Clay

Sculpey III is America’s
Favorite Polymer Clay!

Polymer clays are very workable clays available in a wide range of colors that can be baked to harden in your home oven.. Finishes can be applied to give glossy or other desired finishes. Hardened clay will accept paint and other compounds. Excellent for craft projects and sculpting.

 Conditioning is easy with Sculpey III: simply knead for a few seconds, and you’re ready to create! This popular polymer maintains tooling and detailing beautifully. Once cured, Sculpey III bakes hard and takes on a matte, bisque type finish. Sculpey III can be easily mixed to form your own custom palette and can be mixed with other polymers such as Premo! Sculpey and Granitex. Try it, you’ll love it!

Packaged individually in 2 ounce packages and 10 piece Multi-packs, and a 30 piece Sampler assortment.
Now America's favorite polymer clay, Sculpey III,
Wonderfully Soft and Pliable Right From the Package
Vibrant Colors
Excellent for General Crafting of Jewelry, Figures, and Home Decor

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