Special Effects

You've seen our Liquid Rubbers and Liquid Plastics used to create Special Effects in such blockbuster movies as the original Jurassic Park, Anaconda, Free Willy, Star Wars, Star Trek (TV Series and Movies), Die Hard, all Harry Potter Movies, James Bond films, Matrix Series, King Kong and many others too numerous to mention


Chances are that any major piece of Sculpture produced in the United States in the last 40 years used Smooth-On rubber to assist the artist in transforming the original sculpture from clay or wax to bronze (lost wax process).

Architectural Restoration professionals use our rubber to make molds as part of a process to create or restore elaborate pieces of architectural ornamentation.

Prototype professionals from such companies as AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Hasbro, Gillette Razor, Ford Motor Co., and many others use our rubber and plastic products to create models and prototypes of everything from telephones to toys to computers to hand tools.

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