Table-Top Easels

Tabletop easels are a durable and lightweight alternative support for a variety of creative uses. Ideal for classroom and display purposes because of their compact nature and portability and are a great addition to any studio environment. Many tabletop easels are adjustable, providing a variety of working positions and angles that work best for you!
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Quartet Tabletop Instant Easel
(Item Number QRT28E)

A nice lightweight but study tabletop easel for display presentations. Can by used for small art works also It's sturdy and comes with anti-skid feet.

MSRP: $19.95


Weber Winged Aluminum Table Top Easel
(Item Number 92-AE010-2)

Lightweight metal construction. Folds to a compact 16”.

MSRP: $19.99


Joliet Aluminum Table Easel
(Item Number HAE540)

Lightweight and portable aluminum table easel holds canvases up to 24" tall. Designed for tabletop use, this easel stands 16" high and 18" wide at the foot.

MSRP: $22.50


Weber Angelina Aluminum Table Top Easel
(Item Number 92-AE010)

The Weber® Angelina Easel is our most popular easel for classroom and display use. Constructed of lightweight aluminum, the Angelina will collapse compactly for easy transport.

MSRP: $25.99


Marquis Desk Easel
(Item Number AA13510)

The Marquis easel is a portable miniature desk that converts to a painting easel with one simple adjustment – and folds back up just as easily. Its promise? To accommodate artistic expression in the smallest of spaces, at a moment’s notice, as soon as inspiration arises.

MSRP: $29.99


Prima Travel Easel
(Item Number U-M151B)

Compact unit offers unique expandable cord coupled to a upper canvas bar to that provides perfect adjustable tension. Suitable for small to larger sized canvases and most durable.

MSRP: $28.99


Basic Field Easel
(Item Number AA13602)

An art support for wherever life takes you. This versatile field easel accommodates canvases up to 28" and is adjustable to lie flat for watercolor.

MSRP: $54.99


Ravenna Sketch Box Easel Natur
(Item Number AA1245)

Form, function and beauty; the Ravenna Sketch Box Easel possesses all of these qualities and more. It unfolds for use on any steady surface and locks up snugly for travel.

MSRP: $104.99


Ravenna Sketch Box Easel Black
(Item Number AA1250)

Form, function and beauty; the Ravenna Sketch Box Easel possesses all of these qualities and more. It unfolds for use on any steady surface and locks up snugly for travel.

MSRP: $117.99


Martin Table Top Easel
(Item Number U-M2300N)

The Martin Table Top Easel is perfect for the student or professional, in that it folds completely flat for ease of storage or transport. The easel features a H-frame design for
added support and stability, in addition to a channeled center column for easy adjustment of upper and lower canvas supports.

MSRP: $111.99


Bamboo Ravenna Sketch Box Easel
(Item Number AA1242)

This silky-smooth, eco-friendly easel embodies form, function and beauty! Its smart design expands for use on any steady surface or folds up for easy transport. The expandable canvas supports extend to accommodate canvases up to 34" and folds to a compact, portable size of 16" x 14" x 5".

MSRP: $129.99


Deluxe Lyptus Table Top Artist Easel
(Item Number rn844200 )

This heavy–duty table easel can be used by itself or on any flat surface.
More Information * Maximum canvas height: 40" * Base width/depth: 18" x 18 ¼" * Compact easel height: 27 ¼" * Extended easel height: 48 ¾" * Box dimensions: 28" x 19" x 5" * Shipping weight: 11 lbs.

MSRP: $225.00


Bamboo Sonoma Sketch Box Easel
(Item Number AA13502)

Made from a renewable resource, this easel is both eco-friendly and silky smooth to the touch! It's small enough to fold up and store in a closet, yet large enough to hold a canvas up to 34". The easel adjusts easily from 45° to 90°.

MSRP: $214.99


Classic Studio Easel
(Item Number AA13135)

The stable H-frame design of this classic studio easel allows you to adjust the incline and height of your canvas with ratchet control. It accommodates canvases up to 50", and includes a shelf to rest your supplies.

MSRP: $219.99


Deluxe Table-top Easel
(Item Number rn884200 )

This heavy-duty professional table easel can be used by itself on any flat surface, or with the Terrero taboret unit.

MSRP: $255.00