Velcro Loop and Hook Fasteners

From the time of the amazing discovery of the velcro effect in 1948 by a Swiss Engineer, the product has become one of the most popular products for use ad re-use in many many fields.

• Exhibits and Tradeshows
• Signs and Graphics
• Printing and packaging
• Areospace •Sports• Marine Use
• Apparal•Footwear•Upholstery

Quick, clean and simple. Open, Close, Position, Re- position

No glue, no mess, using on the natural adhesion effect of woof and warp.

 Products (Total Items: 6)

Velcro Sticky Back Tape
(SKU V90081)

Velcro Sticky Back Tape

MSRP: $45.45
Your Price: $34.10

Velcro Sticky Back Coins
(SKU V90139)

Velcro Sticky Back Coins

MSRP: $14.45
Your Price: $10.80

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