Winsor Newton Drawing Inks

Our Drawing Inks have been used by illustrators since their introduction by Winsor & Newton in the 1890's, where the main requirement is brilliance of colour.

Today they are formulated from a series of soluble dyes in a superior shellac solution.  These inks can be applied with brush,  dip pen or airbrush and are widely used by designers, calligraphers and artists as well as illustrators.

The range comprises 26 colours including Liquid Indian Ink, a water based solution of traditional chinese stick ink. This is the standard lettering ink used by calligraphers (which is not water resistant).

The full range of 26 Drawing Ink colours are available in 14ml bottles, each with their own uniquely designed box.  Blacks, Gold and Silver are available in 30ml bottles.  Black Indian Ink (the 'spider' design) is available in 30ml with a dropper lid and 250ml & 500ml bottles.
Brilliant Colours
With over 170 years of colour making expertise Winsor and Newton offer a range of inks with superior strength and brilliance of colour.
Infinite Optical Colour Mixes
Fast drying, water resistent & transparent, this allows the overlaying of different colours for attractive optical colour mixtures.  All the colours are water resistant except Liquid Indian Ink, Gold and Silver.
Fully Intermixable
All the colours are intermixable. Gold and Silver should be added to other inks in small quantities to avoid thickening. Mixtures of Gold and Silver together should not be stored due to adverse chemical reaction.
Easily Diluted
The colours can be easily diluted with water to reduce the strength of the colour or to increase its transparency. Distilled water must be used as tap water causes the dye to separate from the binder
As Drawing Inks contain dyes, they do not possess the lightfast properties of pigmented colours and should not be used in work which is intended for display in lighted areas.  This does not apply to Blacks and White which are pigmented and Gold and Silver which are metal based.  Although metallic colours are lightfast they may show tarnishing in the long term. 

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