winsor newton university artist paint brush

Winsor & Newton University Brushes

University is a range of good quality white polyester artists’ brushes with distinctive white tipped red handles. Stiff enough to use with fluid oils and acrylics, yet soft enough to use with water colours, University is a genuine all purpose range. The smooth polyester fibers make smooth marks compared to hog hair. They are also suitable for a wide variety of craft applications. Their low price makes this brush useful for beginners, students and professionals wanting an inexpensive option.


Winsor Newton University Brushes

  • Series 237 Long Handle Bright
    Similar to the flat but shorter out of the ferrule. Provides greater control.
  • Series 238 Long Handle Fan Brush
    For blending, softening edges & creating textures. A finishing brush mostly used for portraiture and landscapes. Creates soft details like skin and skies when blending. Also useful for stippling and graining effects in landscapes and painting cloth.

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