Winsor Newton Watercolor 5ml Indian Yellow

Winsor Newton Watercolor 5ml Indian Yellow


Winsor & Newton Artists’ Watercolors continue to hold an earned reputationfor supreme quality, purity and reliability since their introduction inthe 1830’s. Made from the finest pigments available in the highest concentrationspossible consistent with good handling qualities.

Every pigment is unique. Some are naturallyopaque while others are transparent. Others offer very different qualitieswhen applied in a thin film than when applied straight from the tube.Some offer dramatic tinting strength while others mix with great subtlety.We evaluate all pigments based upon the following qualities: mass tone(the colour straight from the tube),undertone (the bias of a colour whenapplied in a thin film), colour strength,and relative opacity. From thecadmiums, (which offer rich colour, greatopacity and covering power) tothe phthalocyanines (which are characterized by high key colour, jewel-likenatural transparency and tremendous tinting strength),Winsor & Newtonuses only pigments that best represent the finest characteristics of aspecific colour.

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