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Storage Tips for Canvas

Many of us keep a supply of blank canvases on hand so that when we are inspired, we can quickly start working on a piece. So, to make sure you don't encounter any unpleasant surprises the next time you go for a blank canvas, store them properly.

Keep Out of Direct Sunlight
If you keep you canvases out of direct sunlight, their lifespan will be much longer. The sun's rays can break down the strength of the canvas, especially if it is primed, so make sure they are out of direct sun.

Store Upright
Don't lie your canvases flat on a surface, even if they have proper stretcher bars. The material will loosen and sag over time, and you will being to see impressions of the stretcher bars in the canvas's fabric. Storing canvases upright also lessens the likelihood that dust and other particles will settle on the surface. Storing your canvases vertically also helps conserve precious studio or storage space.

Store In a Dry, Cool Space
Keep your canvas away from any elements that could potentially damage them, especially moist places. Mold is not a medium that anyone should work with! Also, heat can be a real problem for canvases, regardless of whether they are primed or not, so make sure your storage place is cool.

Store Off the Floor
Keep your canvases off the floor! You never know when a spill, a migration of ants, or any other unforeseen thing might occur. At the least, use several 2x4 lengths of lumber to create a lift that keeps your canvases from touching the floor. The best solution is a storage rack or storage system that keeps them away from potential floor issues. Raised storage can also be a plus for limited studio spaces.

Cover Canvas with a Light Cloth
When your canvases are in storage, keep them covered with a light cloth, like an old sheet. This will help keep them clear of dust, cobwebs, and other things that build up and settle in a space over time, even closet spaces.