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16x20x3mm White Sintra PVC 12 pack
List Price $96.00
Your Price: $65.00
17 x 22 x 3/16 Black Self Adhesive Gator Board 10 pieces
List Price $248.00
Your Price: $159.00
Lineco Double Wing White 9 Inch Easel Back 400pk
List Price $270.00
Your Price: $219.00
8 5 x 11 x 3/16 White Self Adhesive Foam Board 44 pack
List Price $62.50
Your Price: $54.95
Cut Sizes of Sintra PVC Board White and Black
List Price $96.00
Your Price: $74.00
BEST Aluminum HD Stretcher Bar STRETCHER  24
List Price $31.85
Your Price: $19.86
16 x20 x 3/4 Gessoed Hardwood Panel
List Price $35.30
Your Price: $26.25
Navajo Easel
List Price $220.00
Your Price: $154.00
Male Left Hand Drawing Manikin 12 Inch
List Price $46.95
Your Price: $37.50
Life Size Female Drawing Manikin
List Price $1,285.00
Your Price: $1,124.38
Best Heavy Duty Stretcher Bar 36  inch
List Price $15.95
Your Price: $9.94
Best Lightweight Stretcher Bar 12 inch
List Price $2.40
Your Price: $1.51

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