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Vyco board cover is Borco. Borco board cover is Vyco. Vyco, Borco is a 5- ply vinyl cover designed specifically for the protection of heavily used surfaces and furniture.
Upon purchase and receipt of the Vyco, Borco, you will receive instructions for application, inside the box. If you are applying the Vyco, Borco for the first time, and would like a bit more that the manufacturer will provide, then, please continue to read.
Below you will find easy instructions on how to install your Vyco, borco board cover.
Vyco, Borco board cover comes from the manufacturer rolled. It essential that the Vyco, Borco cover be unrolled and flattened to ensure the best possible outcome.
A few ways to achieve this are as follows:
Roll out the Vyco, Borco cover on a flat surface, using heavy encyclopedia, dictionary type books to keep in place on the corners. If you have a larger size Vyco, Borco, you might also put some in the center as well.
Another way is to use the tabletop itself, that the Vyco, Borco will be applied to, by basically using the table to keep it flat.
The manufacturer recommends that the Vyco, Borco be allowed to “relax” for at least 24 hours.


The tools needed to install your Vyco, Borco are:
- Utility knife. Used for trimming the excess Vyco, Borco
- 1” wide double sided, polyester- based tape (foam tapes are not recommended)
this will be used to adhere the Vyco, Borco to the tabletop.
- Metal* straight edge. If you are applying the Vyco, Borco to a pre existing tabletop, that is attached to a base. If you are applying the Vyco, Borco to a tabletop that is NOT attached, it can be used, but is not absolutely necessary. I will address this when we have reached that stage.
- Workspace. (I have included this here as it is necessary) at least the size of the tabletop.


Before applying the Vyco, Borco cover, it is essential that the surface it will applied to is free of dirt and dust. Deep, wide scratches and grooves need to be filled in and sanded smoothe as the Vyco will conform the surface underneath.
Light scratches are generally not a problem.
One way to tell is to run your hand across the surface that the Vyco will be applied to, if you feel it, then it needs to be addressed.
Also be sure to check for build up of residual glues and adhesives, as bumps will also be evident in the Vyco, Borco, after it has been applied.


As mentioned before, 1” double sided, transparent, polyester tape is recommended to adhere
The Vyco, Borco cover to the surface. Foam tapes are too thick and will yield undesirable results. This tape comes rolled, with a white liner.
Apply Vyco, Borco tape to all four edges of the SURFACE, leaving the liner ON.
It is not recommended to apply the tape through the middle of the surface. As previously stated, this could cause bumps to appear in the Vyco, Borco cover.
NOTE: be careful not to wrinkle the tape.


If you have elected to pre cut your Vyco, Borco to fit the exact surface dimensions, this will be your last step.
If you have chosen to trim the Vyco, Borco after it has been applied, then you will follow this step and one more.


The manufacturer has made the Vyco covers slightly larger in an effort to accommodate the widest variety of popular drafting tabletops. This being said, of you do not have to trim, please skip this portion and proceed to the next section.
Using the straight edge and utility knife, cut the Vyco, Borco to the exact dimensions of your surface. The Vyco, Borco cover comes in several sizes. You have probably have purchased your Vyco, Borco cover to accommodate the size of your table top or surface on which it will applied, but there will be a bit that you will need to trim.

Position the Vyco, Borco in its exact location. If you are trimming after the application, use any of the surface’s right angles (90°) corners to line up the Vyco, Borco
At this point you see how it will look once applied.
Starting at the TOP edge, carefully lift the Vyco, Borco cover and remove the liner from the tape.
Be careful that you don’t shift the Vyco, Borco in his process.
Lay the Vyco, Borco back down and smooth out starting from the center to the edges and repeat this with each edge.

If you still need to trim your Vyco, Borco cover, and your surface or top is unattached, the easy way to do it is to flip the top over so the Vyco, Borco cover is facing down The edges to be trimmed will be evident (there should be two sides).
You can use the metal straight edge if desired, but it may be easier to just run the utility knife along the edge of the table.
Now you have successfully installed/ applied your Vyco Borco board cover and you are ready to create or design.


Vyco, Borco board cover cleans easily with soap and water or gentle cleaners.
Some cleaners are more abrasive and could damage the Vyco, Borco cover, so be sure to test them out on an inconspicuous, or better yet, the excess that you trimmed off when putting the cover on.
Just a quick note for first time users: Vyco, Borco board cover is NOT a cutting mat.
If doing applications that require x-acto or utility type blades, a cutting mat is highly recommended.


If you purchased this variety, the same installation instructions apply. You may chose to put images or article on papers in between the Vyco, Borco cover and the surface.
So in the application, you may chose to leave two sides of the Vyco, Borco open, and NOT adhered. This will allow you to insert and remove papers.