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Various Brush Holders from simple cloth to wooden boxes to keep your brush tips safe.
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Heritage Roll-Up Brush Holder Short Brushes
(Item Number HC9206)

Wonderful way to store brushes and transport them safely if traveling to a class or working outdoors. 

Black nylon roll-up style brush holders with Velcro™ closure.

MSRP: $6.75


Heritage Roll-Up Brush Holder Long Brushes
(Item Number HC9207)

Great way to store brushes and use for transporting them to class or working outdoors!

Black nylon roll-up style brush holders with Velcro™ closure. Excellent for palette knives and other tools, lon.

MSRP: $9.95


Heritage Deluxe Brush Case
(Item Number HC9242)

This case can potentially hold every brush in your paint brush collection!

Deluxe black nylon case with zippered closure. Opens to 15" x 6" x ½".

MSRP: $11.00


Heritage Combo Paint Brush Holder
(Item Number HC10900)

Canvas brush holder is a natural looking and softer alternative to the nylon brush holders. 

Holds both long and short handle brushes in 20 pockets.

MSRP: $8.50


Heritage Paint Brush Holder
(Item Number HC2644)

Canvas is a durable material that holds brushes just as well as it holds paint! 

Economy natural 10 oz. canvas paint brush holder for short handle brushes.

MSRP: $7.25


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