Golden Fluorescent Acrylic Paint

golden fluorescent paint

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GOLDEN Fluorescent Colors are produced from dyes surrounded by a polymer coating. The photo-luminescence of these colors is caused by the absorption of ultraviolet radiation and shorter visible wavelengths which are then emitted as longer wavelengths within the visible spectrum. These emissions appear as intense, brilliant color.

golden fluorescent color chart

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    * Choosing Underlying Colors
      GOLDEN Fluorescent Acrylics have been formulated for maximum intensity of color. Like other GOLDEN products, GOLDEN Fluorescents have a high pigment load. However, because the fluorescent pigments are extremely transparent, they should be applied over light colors of similar hue to achieve opacity. The greatest intensity of color can be achieved by working over a bright white surface, such as GOLDEN White Gesso or Heavy Body Titanium White.

    * Blending with Other Fluorescent Colors
      GOLDEN Fluorescent Colors should be used by themselves to achieve the maximum vibrancy. Even blending Fluorescent colors together will begin to diminish the brightness. Always test blends before use in artwork.

    * Blending with Other Acrylic Paints
      Other non-fluorescent acrylic colors may be blended with these fluorescents, but doing so will tend to decrease the fluorescent color intensity dramatically. Even very small additions of a Heavy Body or Fluid Acrylic can substantially dull the color.

    * Blending With Gels & Mediums
      Blending with gels and mediums should not negatively effect the brightness of the Fluorescent Colors. GOLDEN Gels and Mediums are available in a large assortment of viscosities and offer many unique attributes (refer to the GOLDEN Product Review on Gels & Mediums for the most current information). Reducing the Fluorescents with GOLDEN Airbrush Medium will yield excellent sprayability.

      Blends with GOLDEN Matte Products, such as Matte Medium or Regular Gel (Matte) may diminish the brightness of the pigment by interfering with the absorption of light.

    * Lightfastness
      Because the Fluorescent colors are pigmented dyes, they are not lightfast. If greater permanency is desired, GOLDEN MSA Varnish with Ultraviolet Light Stabilizers (UVLS) is recommended. Should the work be made to be viewed under ultraviolet light (black light), no MSA Varnish w/UVLS or Polymer Varnish w/UVLS should be used, as it will diminish the "glow" quality and may cause the surface to look uneven.

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