ArtSupply.Com is all about Students and Teachers

WE have been serving Teachers

Students We know that art students do not have a lot of spare cash.

We also know that art students are the artists of the future.
You are the makers of the future world culture.
You are the ones that will give shape to our future ideals and visions.


Teachers .We know your backs are up against the wall when you have to
teach your students on a teachers meager budget.

We know you would rather spend money out of your own pocket then
deny your students the materials they need, even when the school district under values
the benefit of providing your students with the resources they need to do art.
When you come into the store, you will also receive the highest discount
possible on the supplies you need to teach.

Our online prices are discounted so much, that on some items there is little
room to adjust downward, but we have been working with schools for 18 years
and know how we can provide you with sufficient material on your budget.

Call us for more information.

Customized Art Supply List for Educators

Here is how it works!

Email us your school supply list.

We will place it online for your students to view and order.

Your students will receive their supplies via UPS .

We will work with you to customize your list and we will offer the best prices for your students.

Consider the following:
~ Your students or their parents will have the ease of ordering online.

~ Your students or their parents will know exactly how much they will need to spend on supplies.-
No sticker shock.

~ You will know that your students are purchasing exactly the supplies you have specified.

~ We will know exactly what to order before hand.

~The students receive an online source of class information.

A win-win-win situation!

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