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Posted by [email protected] on 2/13/2015

Artist: Greg "Craola" Simkins Title: "Passing Notes" 20"x 20" Giclee on Elegance 320 g Cotton Rag Hand Signed Edition of 50 (+5 artists proofs)

Greg “CRAOLA” Simkins

Genesis Art Supply recently had the opportunity to show Greg“CRAOLASimkins’ artwork in a group digital art exhibition during Miami Art Basel, called “NO WALLS”. Digital images of about 18 artists from across the country were displayed on large high-resolution plasma screens throughout Haven Lounge in South Beach. I was truly floored by how captivating CRAOLA’s pieces looked on screen and could only imagine their impact in person.

He has an overactive imagination and finds inspiration from animals, sea creatures, insects, Dr.Seuss, Walt Disney, Caravaggio, Hieronymus Bosch, Pixar and books like the “Phantom Tollbooth”. No wonder the artistic creations of Greg “CRAOLA” Simkins transport you to a world with no boundaries. This California Native started drawing at a young age but his love for Graffiti writing pushed and developed his artwork. He started writing under the name CRAOLA, which is unknown to myself on its origin but suits his unique Surreal/Pop/Conceptual/Old Master style.

His accomplishments over the years expand beyond Graffiti art. He is a successful fine artist with roots in graphics, game design and the clothing industries. Even though he has been known as CRAOLA for 22 years and would like to get back into painting walls he is constantly changing and elevating his style. Simkins’ client list includes Walt Disney, Tony Hawk, Vans, Mattel, Underground Playground and Gym Class Heroes amongst more.

Simkins always seems to be evolving his art by moving in different directions. He is just wrapping up a stop motion animated project “I’m Scared: The Movie!”, who’s character is based off Greg “CRAOLA Simkins’ artwork. This short film is sure to be a hit with his fans that can see his world in motion.

Also in 2015, Greg “CRAOLA” Simkins has a solo show planned in May at Merry Karnowsky Gallery in California. His last show there sold out with a line outside 500 people deep, anxious to be swept into Simkins ‘s surreal world. Another new project, which I personally can’t wait to see are a small series of “Drip Script” canvases, highlighting graffiti hand styles. It is unknown, whether these will be included in his solo show but the juxtaposition of this series with his surreal creatures and landscape paintings could bridge an interesting gap. Simkins is also working with photographer Brent Broza where he incorporates creatures into the landscapes of Broza’s photos. A fan of surrealism and photography has me wondering what kind magic these two will create.

Greg “CRAOLA” Simkins is also talking to Palmetto Silent Stage about a future project. This could include anything from art and clothing to sculpture.

One of the art material brands Simkins uses while creating his masterpieces is Trekell. Trekell offers a variety of brushes popular with Simkins and many other artists. Their Golden Taklon line can be used with any medium and the 6” handle is perfect for detailing created in Simkins art. Genesis Art Supply carries the entire Golden Taklon 6” line and Trekell Coconut Oil soap for water based medium brushes. For more information on Trekell art supplies visit our store:

Genesis Art Supply 2525 N Elston Ave. Chicago IL 60647

Greg “CRAOLA” Simkins



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